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A collection for the modern day sadboi - the hopeless romantic who occasionally shares his wardrobe with his lovers. Drawing inspiration from that moment alone in bed; as he reminisces about being with his true love, feelings of fear, uncertainty, and the desire to mend a broken heart flood in. The process of questioning oneself, convincing oneself, and ultimately accepting oneself is reflected in the collection’s design. A lo-fi approach towards menswear is taken, focusing on emotional needs over physical practicality and functionality. Modern day romantic men are given the chance to be soft, gentle, be sad, be different, and reveal themselves emotionally - taking off their armour. Danshan continues to incorporate “sun” patterns for both print and embroidery details, with new pencil drawing prints that showcase the beauty of delicate fades and imperfections. Danshan’s use of delicate fabrication, such as satin, chiffon, tulle, and mesh, is expanded upon wardrobe essentials. Think tee shirts made of silk blend chiffon, mesh semi-sheer tank tops, washed satin hoodies, and jumpers with see-through elements. The shirting category continues to be the brand’s strong point, and this collection showcases the new ways in which the design has been updated with a refined silhouette, offering a contemporary spin on the brand’s signature style. In a world where learning to love someone requires courage, we should all be proud of ourselves if we are or were once brave enough to become a lover. Danshan’s Soliloquy collection celebrates the beauty of being a hopeless romantic.

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