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Danshan Autumn Winter 2022 is set in a utopian dream they have envisioned for the future generations, where they can search for true freedom of expression. They want to find a balance between modernism and nature in the collection that appreciates our different point of views and expressions. Danshan continue to serve their signature range of soft tactile fabrics including satin, crepe, taffeta, chiffon and organza in order to showcase fluidity in masculinity. This collection also uses a special blend of unconventional materials and processes including horse mane hair, vegan hide made with plant based fibres and animal print in abstract form which symbolise our relationship with nature, while metal and silk blend organza show a future in overcoming fear. A boisterous display of sunbeam patterns are embroidered with chiffon overlay and hand distressed detail represent tradition while gentle embroidery of solar eyelets showcase delicacy. Innocence and nostalgia is channeled through the braided pattern using teddy embroidery technique. This collection touches Danshan on a personal level as Dan is expecting her first child. This has given the duo a new perspective and what they hope for in the future. While Danshan embraces fluidity, they also value tradition. They hope the future generation would not be divided but diversified. They wish the love of humanity would be shared in all of us.

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