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Danshan explore the undervalued nuances of modern male life, examining how male body language develops and look at ways to make a masculine silhouette become effeminate, without breaking the austere boundaries that define menswear. Emotional, sensitive, vulnerable and dressed to reflect those qualities, their collections present a spirit of culture that creates a space for a progressive masculinity to develop, celebrating the freedom that sensitivity can give men to reclaim their masculinity, in the hope of creating a more accepting world. 


Both Danxia (Dan) Liu and Shan Peng Wong are graduates from Central Saint Martins. The brand was founded in 2016. Born during the “Single Child policy”, a period when sons were favoured, Dan was brought up as a boy until the age of 12 by her family due to traditional societal pressures. Dan’s unconventional upbringing has shaped her values and this informs much of their work and feeds into the clothes they create which are often made of ’softer’ fabrics and those that are traditionally considered to be feminine. The design duo strive to disregard gender archetypes and instead explore what is beneath the facade of machoism and strength.

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