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On the same day Dan welcomed an adorable baby girl called Taiga in February 2022, Shan received the news his grandmother had passed away. Grief along with a new responsibility became the new norm. Following Ancient Chinese tradition, Shan mourned for 100 days in memory of his grandmother, wearing only black and white. This became the color palette for this collection. A palette that signified a way to say goodbye. Shan’s earliest memory of his grandmother’s home, where she lived in an apartment with a balcony facing the sea, was of a built-in display shelf lined with a mirror, facing out the balcony. Filled with crystal ornaments gifted by Shan’s mother, when the sun set, the light floods in. This reflection and shimmer inspired the embroidery pattern this season. Danshan continue to develop different ways of layering unconventional combinations of fabrics on each individual piece; chino with satin, velvet with lace, heavy woven textile with organza, and georgette with mesh. Majority of the material are biodegradable and also using deadstock fabric which is sustainable. This collection reflects the emotions of both Dan and Shan, both learning more about life in entirely different ways. Learning the importance of acceptance, and the ability to be able to face challenges in life with ease, whatever will be, will be.

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